Autoflower Cannabis Seeds


Autoflower cannabis seeds have been selectively bred to complete the flower cycle based on time. Most autoflower plants will grow from seed to completion in 75-95 days. Unlike photoperiod cannabis seeds which require a minimum of 12 hours of darkness to flower. Feminized autoflower seeds are guaranteed to be female plants.

Autoflowers are a great choice for indoor or outdoor growers. For outdoor growers facing challenging weather conditions can time autoflowers to finish in early September to take advantage of maximum sunlight when your girls are trying to finish.

Growing autoflowers indoors offers great flexibility as they can finish in your veg or flower tent.

Autoflower Growing Tips:

Avoid transplanting

Autoflowers grow and transform quickly wether you're ready or not. It is best to start autoflower seeds in their finishing container to avoid transplant stress.

Container Size

Using a container that is too small can still result in a healthy plant and a successful harvest, but you might have had a bigger plant and better yeild with a larger container. Consider a 3 gallon a minimum size and don't be afraid to go up to 10 for maximum root mass.

Avoid topping

Most autoflowers will start to flower around day 20. Bending is usually preferred to topping as its less stress on the plant. Bending the main cola down in early flower will result in more flowering tops.

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